I am Woman

22 Jun

I am woman, protector of the universe of all things ever created, nurtured by my own mother’s milk, shoulder slightly worn but skin like silk

Back bent from carrying groceries and babies and problems and issues and secrets and desires and your stuff, his stuff and her stuff

Holding in passion, Holding in attitudes

Listening to opinions of moms and dads, husbands and children, aunts, uncles, grandpas and grandmas, girlfriends, boyfriends, babies’ daddies, ex-husbands, mr.right nows, mr.wanna be’s, mr. I only want to sleep with ya not to be with ya

All opinions to offer, Criticism to give, But nobody there at 2 in the morning to rock me to sleep, to wipe my tears, to listen my dreams and desires and even my breath as I try to sleep yet again on a tear-stained pillow

I am woman. I walk and talk. My walk

We are woman. We are grace and sensitivity and skill

I am Delilah who can whisper sweet nothings in your ear and can make you say things you never thought that would say.

I am Hagar who can create life even when unexpected.

And I am Sarah who can take it back.

I am Bathsheba who was taken by the man but loved only on.

I am Eve temptress personified. The diva of excuses

I am Mrs. Lot who learned that knowing all can preserve your body but not your life.

I am Deborah – prophetess, organizer, ruler of armies and PTA and play dates and doctor appointments and your calendar and PG&E, cable, and car bills and laundry and dinner and dishes and homework and even when too tired making love at 12 midnight because at least thus way I can get you put gas in the car or even buy your own baby some diapers!!  Ruler of all things Deborah

 I am Naomi, possessor of wisdom and patience that comes only with age.

I am Ruth, righteously giving homage to my elders

I am Rebekah and Dinah and Leah and Ataliyah and Filipah and Bulhah and Rachael

All wrapped up into one

I am woman

Poem by Yolande Barial, the founder of Your Words Project in Oakland, California; empowering women of all ages to express themselves creatively by speaking their truths purposely (written from the book If Women Ruled The World)

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One response to “I am Woman

  1. softwarp

    Juli 1, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    Itulah kekuatan yang dimiliki seorang wanita..
    salam kenal


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